2018 HOM Teal Strides

Jane & Judy 18

Dear Family and Friends,

My favorite number is 19. I have been on three trips out of the country on the 19th, one of my sisters was born on the 19th, and many other wonderful things have happened in my life on the 19th. But the best of all is that this September marks the 19th year that Jane has survived ovarian cancer.

As you know, we support the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance with its triple focus on education, support and research. Jane is a MOCA mentor for newly diagnosed women. She gives them hope and many answers at this most vulnerable time in their lives. I am a reviewer for MOCA’s research proposals, some of which have resulted in new drugs, potential new early diagnostic tests, and a deeper understanding of how ovarian cancer works. Now there is even talk of prevention for those genetically at risk, as Jane was.

We invite you once again to join our fundraising efforts for the September MOCA Walk-Run. You have been stalwart supporters through these 19 years, and we are so very grateful. As in previous years, we will match all donations. To donate, just copy and paste this link in your browser:


We love and thank you all,
Judy and Jane

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